Thursday, July 21, 2011

Steptacular news

On Twitter this morning I read the best news ever. Steps are reforming! Now if you don't know me very well you might not know this dark side to me but I used to be (& still am) obsessed with the cheesy pop group that's Steps. I've been itching all day to get home & put on the only dvd I have of them (all the rest of my stuff is on vhs!) & dance/sing away. It's such a good job Adam's out tonight.
All of my time at High School was spent with Michelle learning the routines at each others houses & then when I changed schools I carried this on & added Scary-May to the group. It was so much fun & they were such a huge part of my life. I was only allowed on the internet once a week to look at their message board but I made sure I recorded every tv show they were on & bought every magazine they were in from Smash Hits to FHM. I don't care how sad people think it all is I was so happy while listening to their happy clappy songs & dancing around my bedroom. I was even on Live&Kicking with them asking them a question & then turing bright red when H thanked me for his birthday present & card I'd bought him that day (told you I was obsessed!). From 1997 with the first yeehaa of 5 6 7 8 till they split up on boxing day 2001 ruining my christmas & resulting in me biting off the heads of the chocolate figures I'd got the day before, (then going out the next day & buying them again cos I felt guilty & which I still have to this day!) I loved them. I've been waiting for this reunion news for so long, there have been rumours before but nothing confirmed until this morning when H, Claire & Faye all said on Twitter it was true :-D They're starting with a documentary & a new 'ultimate cd' package then hopefully there'll be a tour. I'm shaking my glitter hairspray & digging out my glowsticks from the back of the freezer in anticipiation.
For anyone who doesn't know them check out the Steps medley video don't expect a masterpiece just a bit of pop fun & hopefully it'll raise a smile not a snarl!

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Mari said...

LOL.. pop groups from teen years rock! i just went last month to the backstreet boys and new kids on the block concert and had a blast! screamed like a fan girl lol...

never heard of steps though... but im happy for you!! lol