Friday, July 29, 2011

Ice Cream Indulgence

It’s July in London & that can only mean one thing – Ben&Jerrys festival at Clapham Common. Adam & I have been going for the last 5years & it’s the best. Where else do you pay £17 for live music, in a relaxed setting & unlimited Ben&Jerrys ice cream. Amazing right?!  We did our typical trick of getting there for when it opens, then as soon as we get in grab as much ice cream as possible & as our hands get free-er grab more ice cream, then fall into a heap after half an hour feeling a bit sick & not really moving off our picnic blanket for the rest of the day while we veg out listening to music. It’s the best plan really.
When we first went 5years ago the sun was blazing & the weather was ace but gradually over the years the weather’s got progressively worse & this time it was all a bit grey (we still managed to get sunburnt though!) & chilly. I was so glad of my new wellies so at least there was no footwear dramas before leaving the house. 
We were dead chuffed cos we managed to get our hands on the elusive "Wich". It's a cookies with vanilla ice cream & choc chips sandwiched between. Previous years cut up chunks were handed out by girls dressed up as witches & that was mad enough but this year they were handing out a Wich each & everyone went crazy for them. I felt so sorry for the girls stuck in the middle of a group of people all on a sugar rush & a bit drunk trying to grab as many as possible but it didn't stop Adam & I - you snooze you loose! We were in Asda a couple of weeks ago & they had some in the freezer section  went just as crazy then taking them all to stock up our freezer. 
Next to one of the ice cream stalls there was a photobooth so Lisa, Nick, Adam & I all piled in. We were a bit too sober for the video part of it but the photos have still come out quite funny!
The main acts were The Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Ash & Ocean Colour Scene. FLC & Ash were ace Ocean Colour Scene were good but I thought I’d know more of their stuff than I actually did which was a shame. Also while we were at the festival the news came through about Amy Winehouse, such sad sad news. I wasn’t a fan but her voice was something else & it’s such a shame she’s gone.
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Mari said...

Gotta love ben & jerry's! looks like you guys had fun! :)