Wednesday, July 27, 2011

same old brand new you

Last Friday I got to use my first Groupon voucher. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be & whether I’d miss something in the fine print meaning I’d pay loads more money on the day but it went fine & without a hitch.  My voucher was for a hairdressers in London & as the day drew nearer I was getting more & more worried about getting a budget haircut & dye & how it would actually turn out. The value of the voucher was for treatments up to £166 & I bought it for £41 which is an ace saving & it all turned out good thankfully. I could either have highlights or a full head of colour so decided on the later & went for a deep burgundy & a trim. I’m so chuffed with it & I’m definitely going to try to keep this kind of colour up for a bit cos I’m loving how shiny it’s made my hair & the shade is ace. It feels good to have had a chop too – seeing as my hair’s so fine it goes all stringy & horrid if I leave it too long. My voucher also entitled me to an express manicure! I hate nail files but thought I’d give it a go & went for a fairly subtle colour that doesn’t matter so much when it chips. It’s been 5days so far & not one little chip, for me that’s mega impressive
As if a new hair colour wasn’t enough I also picked up my new glasses on Saturday morning. I got 2 pairs that are both quite different. My everyday ones are fab – they’re clear with pink & orange stripes on the top & bottom running across my face. The optician wasn’t convinced when I bought them but Adam & I thought they were brill! I also got a smarter pair that I’ll wear more on nights out & more importantly during the wedding. I know most people choose not to wear their glasses on their big day but I’ve decided they’re such a big part of my face (cos I like the chunky ones not the frameless or thin wire ones) that it would be weird not wearing them to get married in too so here’s to specs appeal on my wedding day!

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