Sunday, July 17, 2011

412 days to go....

Hopefully this won't be the first of many but last night I had a wedding nightmare! In my dream I was at the church after the service & everyone was eating their reception food there rather than at the other venue later on - that was the first thing that got me worried. I then looked down at my ring finger & my wedding ring wasn't there, only my engagement ring. I started to fret & went to find mum who started worrying & looking everywhere for it. I stood there trying to remember the moment Adam put the band on my finger but couldn't, I couldn't even remember walking up the aisle with dad or any other memories that I was sure I would treasure in my heart for ever. I started to get really upset at this point & that's when I looked down & saw my dress was nothing like what I'd been planning, it was all wrong & so hideous! When Adam woke me up I was all worried & a bit of a mess. Here's to hoping that wasn't the start of 411 more bad dreams!

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