Monday, April 29, 2013

The sky's the limit

The next high point of mum&dad's visit (see what I did there?!) was the Emirates Skyline which links the 02 to the Excel across the river.
 photo 1emiratesskyline_zps6a8c82d0.jpg
We weren't sure if it would be working seeing as it was a bit windy but it was still running so we piled on & set off.
 photo 2emiratesskyline_zps353b5368.jpg
Normally I'm fine with things like this & have to spend most of the time reassuring Adam everything's ok but boy was it high?! I had Lumix plastered to my face for most of the journey so it didn't quite seem as real while my hands grew clammier & my face got redder!
 photo 3emiratesskyline_zpsf2099d8c.jpg
The high points were really high but it was a fun journey all the same, shame it's not a useful route that commuters can use daily. Maybe they should open another one going from Waterloo to St Pancras?! That would be brill! It's well worth a visit but don't expect to spend much time around the Excel, there's nowt there!

Ttfn x

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