Monday, April 08, 2013

Just like any good men's fashion designer/blogger....

I've just treated myself to 'Buttoned-Up.'
It's part of Penguin's 150year anniversary of the London Underground set & this one represents the East London Line. It's all about trendy Shoreditch & the East London look of wearing your top button done up (clue was in the name wasn't it?!). I know to you lot this probably sounds like the dullest book ever, but I'm actually quite excited to sink my teeth into it! Geek or what?!  It's also the first book I've bought since getting the Kindle so it feels quite nice to hold a book with pictures!

Penguin have released 11 other books all relating to a different tube line & I'm hoping to get them all so they line up nicely on my bookshelf along with all my other Penguin series. I love interesting bookshelves!

Ttfn x


@distract_me said...

I'm a bit of a London Underground geek, I want these books! xx

ktpland said...

Great aren't they?! Hopefully I'll snap up the other 11 soon! X