Friday, April 19, 2013

For Jane....

Yesterday it was 2years since Art's sister Jane passed away, I can't believe how fast the time's flown by. When I was looking at a few pics on FB I realised I'd never posted photos from when we all went to The Land last year for Jane's birthday so what better time than now?
We all met at The Land, a special place where trees were planted for Jane & in the middle of them is a gate with a sign that says For Jane in her handwriting. It's a little reference to Blazing Saddles, a family favourite & after raising a toast & enjoying some Vegan cake on the second day we all walked through it.
Throughout the afternoon we all plonked ourselves in one of the barns listening & signing along to live music while enjoying various home brews & nibbles.
Once it got dark we all set off to a big bonfire in the next field, enjoyed some fireworks then sang camp songs in rounds while everyone huddled together to keep warm.
By this point it was getting late & people started heading to their tents, not us though, we bedded down in the car with lots of pillows, blankets & hot water bottles. It was the best decision ever & we were snug as bugs in rugs all night.
The next morning we all had a Vegan lunch where everyone had brought a dish before one last visit to the trees & Jane's gate & think about all the fun times we'd been lucky enough to have with her & all the times she's missing out on rolling her eyes at me seeing Steps again!
Jane suffered from epilepsy & passed away in 2011. Read more about her story HERE & how Art's family & friends are getting SUDEP more recognised.

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