Monday, April 01, 2013


How did we manage it at uni?! We all went out for Slink's 30th birthday on Saturday night & I'm still recovering! We thought we were well hard staying out till 3:30am, we eventually got home & crashed at 5am then Sunday we were all completely useless, even conversation was a tricky task to master!
 photo rocknightcollage_zpse33fde4e.jpg
It was well worth it though. We started at Bacchus Bar in Brum (they've got a fab beer blog HERE) followed by good old Eddies for a jump around. It was muchos fun, you can never beat a bit of "Killing In The Name Of" with Niall shouting in your face! Here's to 2013, the year of the Old.Age.Rockers! :P

Ttfn x 


@distract_me said...

Sounds like an ace night out! I was pretty much dying all day yesterday because of Saturday's night out... I tried to blame the clocks going forward but I think the real problem is that I'm getting old! xx

Slink said...

WOOOT! Awesome night-muchos thanks for coming Mr & Mrs P!!! xxx

ktpland said...

Haha didn't think of blaming the clocks, I'll remember that for next year!
It was awesome fun Slink! (Rock &) Roll on the next one! x