Friday, April 12, 2013

Old vs New

I'm really loving the amount of print designs I'm getting to do at my new job! Its been so long since I've done anything like this & now I'm getting used to working my way round Photoshop & Illustrator it's even better.

I'm using a mix of drawing with pen&ink & also directly onto the computer. Although the computer is a lot quicker & neater I'm loving getting covered in ink every time my fountain pen misbehaves! It's just like being back at uni, just with less time spent watching Diagnosis Murder & stalking Dreads!

I've just completed my first full week & it's been really rewarding but I'm cream crackered. TGIF!


LAP said...

Always had ink on the knuckle of my middle finger left hand!!! Still prefer the pen if I'm honest!

ktpland said...

Still trying to get the ink off my fingers now but it was worth it! X