Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Roll Up! Roll Up For Belle's Bridal Boot Fair!

Last Sunday Adam picked me up bright & early from Becca's Hen Party to get to Belle's Bridal Boot Fair in Hove.
 photo bridalbootfair1_zpse821416f.jpg
Our aim was to sell as much wedding stuff as possible so we'd have a few more pennies to spend on our Japan Honeymoon later in the year. The first things to fly out were the jamjars that we'd collected to serve our 'P' cocktail in, we had over 100 & they'd all gone in 30min! We also managed to sell our picture frame, the vintage suitcase & some bunting as well as handing out loads of Adam's business cards for commissioned posters & wedding stationary.
 photo bridalbootfair2_zps70bb21e0.jpg
After the initial rush at the start I think the crappy weather kept quite a few people away but we still managed to make about £70 :) It was good fun chatting to brides-to-be about their special days & what they were planning.

Check out Belle's Events website (HERE) for info on the next sale & other fairs, it's well worth it! Also if you're interested in anything you see on our table or would like info on posters then leave me a comment below with your email address & I'll be in touch!

Ttfn x


Anonymous said...

£70 is brilliant!

What *didn't* you sell, and will you be listing it on ebay / gumtree ? :D


ktpland said...

Thanks we were quite pleased! I might try to list everything in a post next week & put them up on ebay so watch this space! :D Thanks for showing an interest! x

@distract_me said...

This is a really good idea. After all, what were you going to do with 100 jam jars? xx

ktpland said...

It was great fun for both brides-to-be & brides-that-have-been! x