Friday, February 01, 2013

january - the best weather ever!

If you live in India that is! I'm back! Miss me?!
 photo bangaloreinjan_zpsad61ab21.jpg
Last week I was a proper busy bee in Mumbai then seeing as Saturday was a public holiday I took a few extra days off & flew down to Bangalore (or Benglaru as it's known now) to see Fan, Srinath & their (not so) new arrival Clovis. I had to be pretty much prised off the sofa in the garden to come back to grey London, I just wanted to call Adam & ask him to fly out to meet me! The weather was bliss, though the mosquitos weren't!
 photo fansrinathhouseparty_zpsb2d154ae.jpg
On Sunday Fan had arranged a house party with lots of new faces, but most importantly a few old ones too! I got to catch up with Sanath, Sumitha, Sagar & Shalini & her lovely family all while being refreshed with Kingfisher & crepes! Perfick!
 photo clovis_zps4b444748.jpg
It all got a bit too exciting for Clovis at one point, though he had Paddington all the way from London to keep him company. What a sweetie!
 photo chillaxing_zpsf0eaf707.jpg
All too soon it was Monday afternoon & I had to leave :( There weren't quite as many tears as when I left Blr for the first time in 2005 cos deep down in my heart I know I'll be back to see everyone again, lets just make it sooner than 4years this time yeah?!

Ttfn x


@distract_me said...

Great photos. I'm pretty much desperate to go somewhere hot. Right now, please. xx

ktpland said...

It was bliss! Really missing the sunshine now! x