Monday, February 11, 2013

From Paget Street to Pembrookshire pt2

New Years Eve & what better way to blast the cobwebs of last year away than a coastal cliff-top walk?!
 photo 1newyearsevewalkplanning_zps13b48670.jpg
Above is our operations room where Sargent Swarbs prepared the troops for the day's plan of action.
 photo 2marloessandsbeach_zpsfa6eb579.jpg
First stop was the beach again & seeing as Ross & Ola had joined us what better than a group jumping shot & a fond farewell to 2012? We then set off on a long walk to blow away the cobwebs around the coastal path.
 photo 3marloessandsclifftopwalk_zpsfb056e36.jpg
At the start of the walk Mattay had produced a beautiful wide angle lens for his little Lumix (another convert thanks to me!) & I promptly shotgunned it for the walk (cheers Mattay, it must have been the only child syndrome kicking in!), I'm totally in love with some of the results & it's definitely on my 'to buy list' & fairly near the top!
 photo 4clifftopwalk_zps8c882201.jpg
The walk was stunning & we were lucky with the weather too.
 photo 5clifftopwalk_zps5a8f08c1.jpg
We finally reached the end point & after spotting a few seals it was time to head home for more toasties (this time filled with curry from the night before - nowt better!) & some R&R time in front of the fire.
 photo 6jenga_zps5f616738.jpg
After dinner the games came out along with more ale & punch. I kept my wide angle lens on for these Jenga pics & they're some of the best shots ever! Ha!

At midnight we stood outside the hostel with a bottle of champers & toasted to a fab 2013 to come while we watched fireworks going off in the distance. After hugs all round we went back inside for another go at Goldeneye on the N64 & yup we got it fixed! Woohoo! It really was like the good old days with 3 of us huddled round a tiny tv, the only difference, instead of trying to hide away from everyone I whooped them & won both times! Ooush!

Ttfn x

p.s If you missed it see pt1 HERE

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