Monday, February 04, 2013

From Paget Street to Pembrookshire pt1

Yes yes I know it's February but just take a step back in time with me to see what we got up to over New Year! Better late than never eh?!
 photo 1marloessandsyha_zps59e54ff3.jpg
Art & I have always chatted about going away somewhere with some of the uni lot for a decent amount of time rather than just a weekend & it turned out that December 29th 2012 was that time! We booked out the whole of a youth hostel (see link HERE) in Marloes Sands on the Pembrookshire coast in Wales for 5 days & it was brill!
 photo 2walktobeach_zpse755c69c.jpg
There were 8 of us (Art, Sam, Mattay, Bec, Ross, Ola, Adam & I) & it felt great to all be together again just like in Lufbra. Once we'd all emerged it was time to explore & next to the house was a footpath leading down to the beach & boy was it pretty.
 photo 3marloessandsbeach_zps7939e894.jpg
I haven't really been on many beaches when it's dull & cloudy but this kind of weather was my fave & I got some lovely shots (also the sand was damp so I didn't have to moan about sand between my toes!).
 photo 4marloessandsbeach_zps495f5fda.jpg
After wandering around & working up an appetite it was back to the hostel for toasties all round while Mattay got the fire ready for a cosy night of catching up with no tv or mobile reception & only ale & good friends for company. Bliss!
 photo 5fire_zps4f4d36ec.jpg
Later on in the evening it was time for our first Lufbra tradition - Steve Coogan "The Man Who Thinks He's It" DVD (though Art & I were banned from quoting every line spoil sports!). Before we knew it all our other halves had gone to sleep & it was just the Lufbra lot left, we looked at our watches, it was 2:30am & instead of calling it a night we spent the next half hour trying to get the N64 work for a round of Goldeneye! No such luck though & we all trudged off to bed a bit deflated!

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