Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ma, Pa,Colin & Sue's half successful day trip to London

A couple of weeks ago while there was still sun in the sky mum, dad, Colin & Sue came over to visit. We started off by going to the Lucian Freud exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. I'm loving the fact that there are so many great exhibitions on at the moment, 2012 is definitely London's year! The exhibition was a bit too busy to enjoy it properly but I really loved learning about Freud's way of painting & how it developed over the years. I must say though I loved his earlier work the best.
Once we left the gallery we headed to Highgate to visit the cemetery (it's really picturesque & lots of famous names are in there including Karl Marx, don't worry we're not all closet goths!). Armed with our Lumix's dad & I started to click our way round the park next door. I finally got to try out my new polarising filter too with some rather lovely results.
We got to the cemetery about 4:30 all ready to get some lovely afternoon sun shots to find it was closing! Nooo! We didn't even think to check the closing time so were pretty gutted as we were turned away. I'd even put a lovely black&white roll of film in my robot camera to get some lovely contrasting shots too. Chuh! I managed to get a few shots through the gates though & we'll definitely be returning sometimes soon.
We headed back into Highgate to grab a cuppa back at ours before everyone went home. Ah well it was an afternoon out of the office & I found out what a pretty place Highgate really is.
Ttfn x

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Magical Day Dream said...

Sounds great! I love going to exhibiions. It's always so interesting to see an artist's work in a broader perspective!