Friday, April 06, 2012

currently 148 .....

Here's a little wedding related 'currently' post while you sit in front of your computer with a warm hot cross bun & a cuppa in hand.
Obsessing over:
The wedding!!! I know people talk about baby brain but if I'm this bad when planning a wedding then goodness knows how I'll be with sprog in tow! Most of the time I love having these little ideas ticking away in the back of my mind but it would be nice once in a while if at work I didn't suddenly think about the perfect table cloth.

Working on:
Getting all the bridesmaid outfits sorted. In the last week of so we've come on huge leaps & bounds which is great, at least they have dresses & shoes in the pipeline cos at the start of March they'd have been walking up the aisle nude which wouldn't have gone down too well!

Thinking about:
The dreaded budget which we may have gone over! Yoink! I'm off to nab a lottery ticket for tomorrow in hope this may all change!
the tape measure mum made for us counting down the days :)

The big day in 148 days time! Recently I've been mega excited & it's been lovely getting updates on the rsvps landing through ma&pa's letterbox. I love how much fun our invites have brought to people too. Adam did good!

Listening to:
Seeing as Adam & I have lots of ideas when it comes to music most of our plans (first dance, etc) have come really easily, it's just the music for leaving the church to we're a bit stuck with. Hopefully we'll find something soon that both we & the priest like!
my not-so-little wedding planning book bursting at the seams!

Too much! The wedding diet starts again NOW! Well maybe after Easter?!

I had a time machine. Sometimes I wish time would hurry up so I can marry my man & start our happy lives together as husband & wife (eeek!) & other times I'd love to go back to give us more time to sort things & save them pennies.
All that's left to say is have a great Easter & see you on the other side of a very welcome long weekend!
Thanks to Katie & Danni for the ideas for this post.
Ttfn x

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