Monday, April 30, 2012

Helen & Pete sitting in a tree....

A few weekends ago when the sun was still in the sky a close family friend got married. I've known Helen since I was tiny & after a glass of wine (or two) I was proudly saying that I knew Helen cos I'd worn most of her cast-offs (which is pretty true & some of them I still wear now!) & if I was carrying on the tradition I could have borrowed her dress too!
The wedding was in a lovely little church in the Cotswolds which was close (read next door!) to where the groom's granny lived. It was so pretty but also rather chilly seeing as we were sat near the back & they left the door open for the whole service! Brr!
Helen looked stunning as her dad walked her up the aisle as a Miss & Pete walked her back down as his Mrs. Seeing as we've grown up together it's lovely that Helen & I are both getting married this year & we got engaged around the same time too.
As well as confetti, people threw lavender which smelt amazing but it did get everywhere & I've got a few unflattering pics of Helen & Pete trying to get it out of their mouths & other places!
This is the only photo I have of the 4 of us & cos we're all wearing out coats everyone except mum looks like they're off to a funeral! Oops, we were more colourful underneath honest!
The couple's car was so pretty, even the hubcaps gleamed enough for me to get a photo of my reflection!
We drove about 45min to the reception venue in Stow-on-the-Wold. We'd pulled away after all the other cars so imagine our shock as we were driving along to see the wedding convoy all driving in the opposite direction with Helen looking very confused out of the window at us! With help from TomTom though we found the place & it was stunning. We dropped our bags & grabbed a few nibbles & a glass of bubbly before a few photos outside.
I love this shot of me & my boys while we waited for dinner :)
Mum looked after Helen's bouquet while they made a quick trip to the loo & Uncle Dave got his hands on a real drink once most of his FOB duties were almost over!
Helen & Pete were announced into the room which was decorated with lovely purple centerpieces & had a sprig of lavender resting on each napkin. Their cake had been made by Pete's mum & looked so pretty.
After our tasty dinner we had an hour to relax while the room was set up for the evening reception so we headed back to our room in the venue which was rather posh!  We could have had a party in the bathroom it was so big!
Throughout the day Adam had been feeling pretty awful but he'd hidden it so well as he sat through the service, dinner & the speeches but by the time we got to the room he'd reached his limit. To cut a long story short that involved the night manager who was also from the St Johns Ambulance but couldn't stand the sight/sound of someone being sick, he was fine with blood & broken bones but not puke(!), a paramedic driving us 30min to the nearest hospital to see an out of hours dr, finding out it was a stomach bug, getting some pills, calling a taxi that got lost on the way back to the hotel as Adam tried not to be sick in her car, we eventually crashed in our lovely bed where Adam dozed & I stayed with him while I listened to the band playing some brill Jive music upstairs & I tapped my foot along.
This pic sums it all up wonderfully - outside Adam looked like the pic on the left but inside he was feeling like the pic on the right. Hopefully the same doesn't happen on Sept 1st!! :S

Ttfn x

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