Friday, April 20, 2012

Come on Oxford!

A few weeks ago Adam & I headed down to South London to see the 158th Oxford Cambridge Boat Race.
I've always wanted to see the race rather than watching it on the tv & thankfully our new office has a balcony that looks over the river just near where the race ends.
In my mind we'd have a lovely romantic relaxing picnic on the balcony & watch the world go by, instead it was cold & blustery so we sat in the office with x-fm on full blast, singing along, eating hot cross buns with a cheeky drink & waited for the race to start.
We (well Adam) made good use of our time & mounted the covers for our Order Of Service, every thing's coming on nicely now!
The balcony gave us a perfect viewing spot & we didn't have to share it with anyone else. Perfick!
The other offices were having little parties too. Downstairs the young, the old, the furry & non-furry came out to cheer along the rowers....
....upstairs had a family day out too.
I had a text from dad to say the race had started so Adam & I waited eagerly (some more eager than others!) & we texted to say Oxford were in the lead....they were at Hammersmith bridge....then texted to say it had been stopped cos of a swimmer in the river! It was some stupid protester who I won't even name or say what he was protesting about cos that's the kind of publicity he wants but when I watched the race back the boos he got were quite deserving. The poor rowers then had to turn back to the halfway point & set off again. This was when Oxford clashed with Cambridge & broke an oar. I knew something else had gone wrong cos there was a shriek from the group downstairs who were crowded round a computer watching a live stream.
By the time the boats had gone under Barnes Bridge Cambridge were well in the lead....
....followed by Oxford....
....& many more boats....
....followed by the lifeguards & river police.... 
....the created an almighty swell making every one's feet on the river bank rather soggy!
The end result was Cambridge won but the celebrations were fairly muted seeing as Oxford rower Alex Woods collapsed from exhaustion in the boat. As far as I know he's doing ok but my (belated) get well wishes go out to him.

Ttfn x

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