Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beginners luck

Welcome to the world's first P-P Darts Championship. While at Jill & Keith's over Easter in between rubbish tv we decided to have a game of darts. 
I've never really played darts before so I took my ever-so-professional darts-stance & threw my first practise shot & ended up with a bullseye! In your face!
The competition had begun....
It was quite good fun apart from all the maths involved! Thankfully Keith was on hand to work out my score for me. It came round to my go later on & all I needed was a double 4. Seeing as I hadn't really aimed my other darts anywhere in particular & it seemed to be working ok I threw my dart & hoped against all odds it would land in the double 4 & that's where it went! Ooooosh!
Every one, including me was in shock & we decided to call it a day seeing as Match of the Day was about to start. If only Bullseye was still on telly, I could have won us a speedboat or something equally useless!

Ttfn x

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