Monday, August 15, 2011

goin' skeggy.

Last Thursday Adam & I decided to follow the trend of most Leicester peeps & head to Skegness to see the sea. We eventually got there after a Toby Carvery breakfast (as fab as it sounds!) & tackling winding roads & slow drivers (not impressed!). Again our first stop was the tea room (noticing a theme?!) we found the best hotel for our 'cakey summit' that was stuck in the 80s & the average age of the people eating there was around the same figure too. I'm surprised we weren't I.D'd on entry & turned away for being too young. After a wander we went to play Crazy Golf (it rained a bit & holding a club in one hand & an umbrella in the other isn't as hard as it sounds!). I managed to get a hole in one but Adam still thrashed me on the last hole completing it in 7 where I took 16 shots! Yoink.
We couldn't come to the seaside without heading to the arcades & playing on the 2p machines. I think this bottom right photo is Skeggy through & through & I love it. They didn't move for the whole time we were in there & didn't talk to each other either.
After an ice cream & a wander down the high street (we saw the most amazing baby Chameleon in a pet shop) we decided we'd seen all that Skeggy had to offer & wanted to go somewhere else for dinner. When we got to the car it was covered in ladybirds & we're still finding them in nooks & crannies now, I've never seen so many in one spot. It's obviously not just people from the midlands who head to Skegness for the summer hols. Our first stop on the way home was Melton Mobray (home of the pork pie & stilton) but when we got there the town was pretty much closed so we gave up on that plan & played it safe by heading to pub down the road from mum&dad's house!
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i love the way u guys dress! very cute :)