Sunday, August 21, 2011

27 years young!

It's that time of year again when I turn another year older & not really any wiser! It all started on Friday when I caught up with Michelle in town & we went to Drink, Shop & Do for a yummy cocktail & a gossip. Saturday was pretty relaxed, with Adam at band practice I could get away with watching heaps of America's Next Top Model & trying to clear out our sky box! What a perfect day! This morning I woke up & opened some of my many cards & a few presents that Adam had been hiding when they came through the letterbox & got ready to head out. Our first stop was for a spot of cake with Michelle before heading off to the Saatchi Gallery. On our way through Piccadilly Circus we spotted a girl really struggling in her heels. Each step her ankle was actually going over but it didn't seem to bother her! This photo makes me cringe every time!
We grabbed a quick drink in the sunshine at Slone Square before heading into the Gallery. As usual there were some fab displays (it's still my favourite free gallery in London). We spent a good few hours wandering around.
 "Untitled (Crash 2)" by Dirk Skreber
(the impact of this when we walked into the room was amazing) 
"20:50" by Richard Wilson
(I was so glad this was still there cos Adam hadn't seen it before & was suitably impressed! I've seen this on display 3 times now & never get tired of looking at the reflection & trying to figure it all out.)
 "The Milky Way" by Bjorn Dahlem
L: "Parapillar 7 (Multicolour)" bu David Batchelor
R: "Untitled" by Anselm Reyle
 "K36 (The Black Horse)" by Berlinde De Bruyckere
(still can't get over how freaky this is!)

We wandered down to the South Bank to see what was going on & as always there was so much to see. There was bunting everywhere, paper aeroplanes & beach huts & it all looked so lovely & colourful in the August sunshine. I love having a birthday in the summer!
I spotted a sign for a game to play saying:
"You're getting married in the people as they go up & down the stairs. Choose one to marry out of the first 100 to pass by the moment they walk past. No going back, if you haven't chosen by number 99 then you have to go with number 100" 
Luckily just as I was getting to number 98 Adam walked down the steps (not that it was posed at all, he always walks like that!!)
After a yummy dinner in the city we headed home for pudding. As I was opening my last couple of cards Adam brought in a Ben&Jerrys "Wich" with candles spelling out 27. Love it! Though the candles did melt the ice cream! D'oh!


Mari said...

ouch! picture made me cringe as well LOL!

looks like you had fun!

Loulabelle said...

Looks like you had a fun day. Phew for your chappy apearing when he did on those stairs ;o) x