Friday, August 05, 2011

popping to Portsmouth

A couple of weeks ago after George & Claire's wedding Adam & I popped to Portsmouth for the afternoon to see what's what. We'd never been before & it's quite a cool place. The sun was shining & the weather was sweet so we decided to go up the Spinnaker Tower & see what we could see.

There was a glass floor when we got to the 1st level & after seeing loads of kids jumping around & lying on it & realised that I'd probably be ok & wouldn't fall through it but I still made sure I sat at the edge rather than in the middle (I'm not sure how that logic works but it did at the time!). I just made sure I didn't look down, apart from taking this photo, unlike the kid who was on there at the same time as me!
When we climbed to the next level thanks to the sun & lovely blue skies there was a great view looking out over Portsmouth & we could see as far as the Isle of Wight. There was even a cafe waiting for us - what more could you want?!
Later on when we were having dinner we noticed loads of people looking up & cheering at the tower. We followed their gaze & there were people abseiling down, rather them than me that's for sure! As we left, the sun was setting & as we turned around we saw this lovely view of the tower. Portsmouth definitely gets a thumbs up from us & hopefully we'll be back soon.
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Louise said...

Mirrorball Moves do a dance night in the Tower! Next one is on 16th September, I think! :D