Thursday, August 04, 2011

Kings Cross St Pancras

As well as working hard in India last week I went out to the cinema with Donna to see the new Harry Potter. It's always fun heading down to Phoenix & grabbing a few snacks before heading in & stuffing our faces with popcorn. We made our usual stop at the Pani Puri guy & Donna kept reminding the guy to keep mine less spicy (I'm useless!) & the were scrummy! Afterwards I washed it all down with a cup of Masala Chai. You can't beat it! Haha I've just noticed you can just see Donna's hand coming down to grab my Pani Puri! The cheek of it!

Indian cinemas are always so comfy & even more so when you’re in the VIP bit like we were (going up in the world I know!). We stood for the National Anthem – I love this part, anything patriotic is great in my eyes, I just wish we could do this in the UK but no one seems interested which is such a shame. I’d love to celebrate St George’s Day, wave the Union Jack & not be seen as sad for liking the Royal Family. But anyway I digress!

The film was in 3D (boo, hate 3D, I can never balance the glasses properly over my specs so I end up swapping between 3D glasses & normal glasses changing over & over again in the cinema & it all ends up blurred whichever way I do it!). It was good to see the last film of them all, though I didn’t like the ending of the book, so knew I wasn’t going to like the ending of the film but I won’t give anything away in case you’ve not seen it yet. The bits I did see in 3D looked really good so I guess for people with 20:20 vision it was fab! The other thing that makes me laugh/cry about Indian cinemas is the Interval – every film has a break in the middle. Trouble is they seem to work out where the middle is to the second & turn the lights on & switch the film off, no matter if it was in the middle of a dialog or not. This happen to us this time & it was switched off mid-sentence so when they start it again the line has been said & you can’t remember what it was about anyway. Then, to rub salt in the wound, 10secs later it was a scene change so why not do it there?! It was weird sitting in an Indian cinema looking at scenes in London I normally see everyday

This week I was in Kings Cross & walked past a little sign that said Platform 93/4. So I had to be a tourist & took a photo & got some French school girl to take a pic of me pushing my trolly onto the secret magical platform! Acting your shoe-size & not your age is so much fun sometimes!

Seeing as I needed to get to St Pancras which is next to Kings Cross I walked round a way I wouldn’t normally go & was greeted by this view of the Olympic rings & the Kissing Couple Statue near the Eurostar. The rings look much better from the back, the coloured fronts just look really tacky! I love St Pancras, it’s such a fab station to use & you don’t mind hanging around waiting for your train. If you get there at the right time you even get a mini falcon display - well a guy comes with a hawk & lets it fly around to scare all the pigeons away but its a pretty cool sight.

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