Monday, August 29, 2011

fab flowers & plinky plonk music

For the bank holiday weekend Adam & I headed up to mum&dad's to see the Flower Festival at St Marys (where we'll be getting married in 369 days! eeep!).
After a Ploughman's Lunch followed by a cream tea at the village hall we headed over to the church. The theme was Famous People of Leicestershire & it looked stunning. The displays ranged from Gok Wan to David & Richard Attenborough & Mum's window was for Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys.
He's a professor of genetics at the University of Leicester & developed techniques for DNA fingerprinting. The display mum did was brilliant & no I'm not being biased! The way the flowers had been used to create the helix as well as the genetic finger printing looked fab. The girl done good!
It was lovely to see the rest of the church all decorated too. It gave Adam & I a chance to see what we liked & want to use for the big day. We took ideas from overall displays as well as single flowers & I think (hope) we've got a better idea of what we want. While we were there I asked the organist to play one of our wedding hymns & I almost blubbed then so goodness know what I'll be like next year! I think we need to have a full box of kleenex somehow sewn into my dress or it ain't gonna be pretty!
That evening dad made us rabbit pie & he even decorated it with Adam & my initials which was so cute! I'd never had rabbit before but it was lovely. I didn't tell Adam until he'd finished cos I wasn't sure if he'd be convinced but it got a thumbs up from him too!
Then the rock & roll lifestyle began(!) mum had got us all tickets to see the Church Lads & Church Girls Brigade band. It was supposed to be outside with a picnic but the typical British summer weather had other ideas so we ended up trying to keep warm inside the church. They played Tragedy at one point & I almost had to sit on my hands to stop myself from doing the dance routine! The finale was Land of Hope & Glory so we all sang along & waved our flags.
The funniest bit was in the interval when we were asked to stay in our pews & we'd be given squash & biscuits! This is the point I think Adam thought our little village had finally cracked & the gap between London & country life was pretty much a crater the size of the moon.

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