Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Plans of plans for planning

My wedding planning book's getting fuller & actually quite heavy to keep carrying round now! That won't stop me tho! I've even had to buy a file that's full of completed stuff & deposits we've paid so it's all getting exciting! I now have my notebook for ideas, an expandable folder for stuff from wedding fairs & now my confirmation file! Who says I get carried away by planning?!
I found quite a good website called that gives you a to do list & what you should do when. So it's quite useful. I'm not gonna fill in all the other bits about guests & budgets etc, the rents & I have our own spreadsheets for that (dya now see where I get it from?!). According to the website I have 521days to go, I've completed 31 tasks & have 157 left to go! Bring it on! Love having things to tick off it's very satisfying!
I was playing with my bag strap on the bus the other day & realized I'd made a heart without thinking. Aww love is definately in the air! :-)
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