Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's all in the mind!

Mum has challenged me to loose weight before the wedding (she's doing it as well, mum didn't just turn round to me & say I was fat!). We're doing it by getting healthier & eating smaller portions & not by crash dieting cos I can turn into one evil little cow when I'm not allowed chocolate or anything! So we loose weight & keep it off.

It was all going pretty well & we've been losing weight as per our target, then I went to india. It's not quite as easy to have a smaller lunch that's healthier cos they have to order food in. I did my best to have a small meal by making 2 cheese cobs at breakfast in the hotel & then carrying them to work in a plastic soap dish! Some of the looks I got when I pulled out my 'soapbox sandwiches' in the office were priceless! I did ok, eating till I was full etc & trying not to snack too much when bored on the plane!

I was putting off weighing myself till this weekend cos I was feeling like I'd put all the weight back on & feeling fustrated. I weighed myself this morning convincing myself that if it was awful I had 2 days before the 'official weigh' in on a Saturday with mum to starve myself! :-P (that would never happen tho, even if I gained a stone, we all know that!!) it turns out I'd gained less than a pound so I'm dead chuffed & suddenly feel slightly slimmer!

It proves that feeling good about yourself is all in the mind & it doesn't matter what you actually weigh. So I've decided to just think myself thin while scoffing on dairy milk! It's bound to work so bring it on!

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