Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There's no place like home!

Im now on my way home after a fun night out with a nice ammount of wine in my tummy!

Had a really good time catching up with the India Girlies & going over how Adam proposed once more (not sure i'll ever get bored of that story! ;-) others my disagree!) I got this lovely bunch of flowers from them all as we caught up on gossip & news.
When it was time to go I remembered once more why I love where i live so much! I was walking to the tube stop & had to go past Big Ben & Westminster Abbey. These huge landmarks never grow old with me I love them every time I see them!
Who knew when I came to London on my first visit with mum&dad when I was 6yrs old that I'd be living near these landmarks?! But I know for sure I'll never take them for granted! Love it!
roaming reporter KtPx


mandyface said...

I've been to London and am SO jealous that you get to live by all that amazingness!! Its so beautiful!

ktp05 said...

it's amazing! i used to live in the countryside & moved here about 5years ago. i never get tired of having all these landmarks as part of my home & there's always something to do no matter how random!