Monday, March 28, 2011

Dog tired!

I think dogs should be compulsory on every morning commute. This one got on (with it's owner!) at Camden on our way in & straight away all the business men & women who usually look really stern went gooey eyed & smiled! Definately something to lighten the mood on a Monday morning.

Had a great weekend, firstly was the prohibition party in central London. We all had to go dressed in 1920s get up so I got a flapper dress & Adam even did finger curls in my hair (is there no end to his talents?!) while he wore a suit, braces & a fedora & looked rather dashing!

It was a brill night out & we had cocktails served in teacups (incase the police spotted us, what with it being prohibition & all!), gambled on the poker tabels with our $100 notes we were given on arrival, watched a silent black&white movie acompanied by a piano & danced the charleston to a live band as well as watching a burlesque dancer. Everyone had made such an effort with their outfits &a it looked great. We left around 2:30/3 & had the funniest nightbus journey home in a long time involving drunk/stoned people singing "the wheels on the bus" & "hail to the busdriver!" we got home about 4ish but then I had to wash my hair to get all the gunk out so it didn't go all over my pillow.

Yesterday adam's mum, dad, Lisa, nick, Brandon & Isabelle all came over for the day. So we spent the day relaxing with them which was really nice!

We're pretty knackered now though so roll on next weekend!!

roaming reporter KtPx


mandyface said...

you guys look so so great!! its been far too long since i've gotten to dress up like a flapper! i say we institute national dress like a flapper day!

ktp05 said...

haha i'd be there with bells, well tassles, on!