Tuesday, March 15, 2011

not sure which....

i don't know if i'm really lucky or people are feeling sorry for me & think i need as much help as i can get.  i've just won my second make over shoot through competitions i entered while being at wedding fairs!  dad reckons i should go & buy a lottery ticket!  think i'll have my answer to the 1st question then depending if i'm lucky enough to win or not!
had a good weekend last weekend, adam & i drove up to the rents to do more weddingy stuff.  we viewed 3 reception venues, met the priest & filled in forms, met a photographer couple & went to another wedding fair! phew!
the reception veneus are looking a bit more hopeful now. when we first saw them it was so difficult to imagine them as they would be on the big day with our own stamp on the decorations.  you end up spending a lot of money on the venue (it's the biggest amount you pay for in a lump sum) & when a couple of things aren't quite right you're not sure if they'll matter when your colour scheme & decs & personality are added or not. since then though we've seen one of the venues again with pictures of it set up more what we're thinking of & it's looking much better.  just waiting for the final quiote & hopefully it'll be ok to book :)
i also can't believe the difference in helpfulness from each person at the venues.  at the one we like the woman's great, she couldn't do enough for us (shame she doesn't stretch as far as decorating tha walls but can win em all!), but at another place they don't have things like chair covers or a dj & they're not really recommending people to us to help with our planning.  you'd think that when it's this much money then they'd all really want to help, obviously not!
the photographers we met were ace too.  we went to their studio near dudley & they were really great.  we felt at ease straight away talking to them, loved what they do & walked out pretty sure that we wanted them to cover our wedding :) it was so lovely to meet a couple that thought a bit like us & not the conventional thing.  they aint the cheapest but as i've said many times i'd rather have great photographers & a cheap dress!  i don't want to be sitting there thinking 'oh i wonder if they've covered this or that' & with these we felt that they'd have it all under control. oh & they had the cutest puppy in the studio too! :P they know how to win me over straight away!

the other things i think we've got a better idea on are the flowers, the cake, the favours, the car, the decs & the music.  it's great fun & i'm so glad i have all this time to do it properly with everyone rather than rushing rushing around making compromises.

536 days to go!
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