Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eggstra eggstra read all about it!

Meet my new little saving grace! We decided to buy eggs this time from asda (yup you heard it here first, this is how eggciting (sorry!) our life gets!). So I decided to brave the world of boiled eggs & give it another shot (the last time I tried this it ended with me getting no eggs at all they were either still raw or very hard boiled).

When we moved in I remembered Adam's mum had bought us this little gadget that you put in the pan along with the eggs & when it turns white on the marker you want it's done. So I gave it a go et voilĂ .....

Boiled eggs with soldiers! Ok they were still a bit hard & not as runny as we were hoping but it was an improvement! Bring on the next batch!

Y'see this is why having no facebook & an iPhone is bad cos I feel the need to share egg stories with you!!

On a brighter note we've got our photographers booked for the big day! You know they're gonna be ace when they say they're "so freaking excited to be photographing our wedding!" can't wait to see what things they capture on our engagement & wedding shoots! We've also got the reception venue booked so now it's all the fun little things to source! Yay!

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