Monday, July 12, 2010

guten tag

I went to Berlin at the end of the last week for the trade fair Bread&Butter. As usual the show was brilliant & I got lots of info as well as turning into a freebie junkie! I got so much stuff this time, it’s never this good! The highlight was the Paul Frank stand which was set up like a house, you walked through all the rooms, got given some 3D glasses to look at some of the prints & then was handed a hand screen-printed while-you-wait t-shirt! Wahoo! Was just a little bit chuffed! Also got a couple of fans, another t-shirt, baseball cap, lots of bags, pencils, wrist bands, a whistle, an ice lolly (which was much appreciated at the time!) & 2 pashminas to name just a few! When you’re sitting in the sunshine munching on some lovely food & sparkling apple juice, while a DJ plays some choons, looking at all the trendy people doing the same thing as you it’s hard to believe you get paid for this! It’s definitely my favourite show out of the lot.

Sometimes Pitti in Florence can come across a bit stuffy & not very exciting but as soon as you walk into the Templehof Airport where the show is held, (it was a fully functioning airport till about 5/10yrs ago), you pick up your ‘brand bible’ & first free bag off the luggage carousel & queue up a check-in desk for your pass, then you step through into the hanger where the planes would have been waiting & look out at all the brightly coloured stands, listen to the buzz of the people mixed with the DJ’s playing, look out a bit further to the eating area on the tarmac towards the runway & then the airfield beyond there & it’s ace! You really want to work & get on with it, suddenly the new trends become very exciting & ideas start flying! There’s nowt better!

I did realise though that before I go again in January I need to make sure I learn a bit of German because when I went out for dinner that night I had to stand outside the toilets for a good 5/10min waiting to see whether a male or a female came out of which door cos I wasn’t sure which was which!!! Oh & there were no urinals I checked! Shame!!

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