Tuesday, July 13, 2010

& I say thank you for the music….

Sometimes I start feeling a bit down & a bit grumpy for no reason at all then I realise what it is – lack of music. Seeing as we don’t have a proper stereo in our house yet it’s always the tv or the radio that’s on & never our ipods. The only time I get to sing a long to cds is in the car & at the moment that’s only going between Gaslight Anthem’s American Slang & Weezer’s Raditude so there’s not much variety! I’ve also been reading a lot (& sleeping) on the trains so not had a need for my ipod there either. So today, I plonked myself down on my usual seat on my usual train from waterloo & instead of curling up into the corner & snoozing for half hour I decided to plug in my headphones & let my ipod rip! It was so nice to just put it on random & see what comes up & it really boosted my mood before getting into work. Yay for music!
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