Saturday, July 03, 2010

home update

so far the lounge is pretty well finished as is the main bedroom, the spare bedroom needs a bit of work but it's our 'we need to build this/store this so let's keep it in here' room for now, at least it's got a futon for visitors now, the kitchen is probably just over half done & then we have to start on the bathroom. not too bad for only being in the place a month! it's all livable in though so no complaints or worries! yay!

we've also had our first visit from people who aren't helping out with diy or who isn't family, to come & give their seal of approval. art & sam arrived last night to stay over till saturday & i don't know why but i was incredibly nervous! i felt like we'd put so much hard work into our abode & to have someone come in & look with fresh eyes was a bit scary! thankfully it all went well & they didn't hate it (if they did they're damn good liars! :P) & it was nice to show people around & relax in the lounge. well i could relax eventually - i was so worried all the time about making noise & the family living below us hearing, we're not sure how much they can hear cos we hear a lot of them, so we kept noise to a minimum without me nagging them both too much (i hope?!) all in all tho it was great to be able to have people stay & not to be living in shared accommodation & cramming everyone into 1 room for sleeping (especially in this heat phew!) can't wait for the next bunch of people to come - form an orderly queue now people!!

adam & i also survived ikea tonight bonus! we went at 8:30pm to give us an hour & half before closing time & it was still pretty busy, full of arguing couples so of course had to join in a little bit :P what is it they pump in the air in that place to make you grumpy?! we came out with a mirror, dining tables, chairs & cushions so yay finally we can eat & chat at the table rather than in front of the tv. wow am i getting old?!

anyways ciao for now
x x x

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