Friday, June 08, 2012

scream if you wanna go faster!

A few weeks ago Dad & Uncle Colin were allowed to be in charge of some very expensive kit.
For his 60th birthday (see here for my post earlier this year) mum had bought dad a driving experience at Prestwold Hall in Leicestershire. They had a choice of cars but in the end went for the Lamborghini & what a pretty thing she was too!
After a rather in depth briefing (we were allowed in too but I was completely lost as they explained what cone they should look for where to get the best drive!) they were driven around the track & had each corner explained, then it was their turn!
Dad walked up to a bright yellow Lambo & had the car along with all it's bits&bobs explained to him by the brave man who was to sit with him round the track ;-)....
....then it was time for him to get in, start up the engine & he was off...
....after about 3 laps dad pulled into the pitstop & you couldn't wipe the grin from his face. The guy said that he did really well & scored him 36 out of 40! Not bad eh & he even got to meet The Stig (well kinda!)!
After Uncle Colin had his go as well, the both of them plus Adam (chuh boys & their toys!) hopped in another car for a chance to be driven round the track at high speed while us women watched from on top of a hill waving their men off!
As you can see they were both very proud of their certificates & it proves you can never be too old to be classed as a boy racer! Thankfully though dad didn't try zooming the Prius round any country roads on the way home!
Well it ain't every day you turn 60! Enjoy it dad!
Ttfn x

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Dad said...

Had a great day even if I'm still recovering from my face being pressed against the side window as we were driven round the corners by the expert. What Next???