Monday, June 04, 2012

luverly jubilee

Yesterday, along with the rest of the nation, we had a little tea party while watching the Queen celebrating her Diamond Jubilee (any excuse for a cream tea!). Jill & Keith came over for the day so Jill & I sat & watched the flotilla while Adam & Keith made themselves busy & made sure they grunted at the right places.
It was an incredible sight - there's not been a flotilla this big since the 17th Century, there were about 1,000 boats full of people rowing, waving, cheering & playing instruments all to celebrate the Queen & her 60year reign.
Speaking of rain (*groan* sorry for the dad joke!) the weather was awful but didn't dampen anyone's spirits. At first I was gutted I wouldn't be there waving & cheering along but as the sky grew greyer & the heavens opened I was more than happy to be sitting on the sofa all snug & warm watching the goings on.
I think the best moment was the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing Pomp & Circumstance, Sea Shanties & Land Of Hope & Glory on a barge, in the rain, with everyone around them singing & waving their flags. I think if it had been sunny it wouldn't have seemed British at all.
I've never seen the Queen looking so happy, she kept on grinning & actually laughing (think I forget she's a real person sometimes!). She was really chuffed to be there & the fact that everyone was celebrating with her.
It could have been the fact that I'd shared a few bevvies with her down the pub on Friday to get the Celebrations well on their way?!
Ttfn x

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