Wednesday, June 06, 2012

any excuse for some themed merch!

In the run up to the festivities I was loving all the Jubilee related things around London including this brill Jubilee Line train, it certainly brightened up my commute to & from work:
The posters in some of the shop windows made me smile (& if you get a chance to see it, the Luke window in the Bullring in Brum was designed by a special someone & is rather fab!):
The store to win overall though was M&S who went overboard in their food section & offered some weird, wonderful & scrummy options. The first one to catch my eye was the Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding sarnie on Onion Bread - it was heaven! The illustrations were cute too.
The next sandwich I picked up was the Egg&Tomato which is a firm family favourite. Whenever I was little & we went on a family picnic (in a layby on a country road) mum would always prepare a big bowl of it & that was the sarnie you got, nothing else! Good to know we're linked with royalty having it - I can just see Her Majesty preparing a bowl of it before heading off with the family to Balmoral.
I also couldn't resist this little lunchbag & picnic sheet, they were only £2 each (though if I'd been patient & waited till this week they're probably 50p now!) Ah well I'm happy!
In Selfridges I was greeted with everything you could ever need to hold your own street party set up with all their little nick-nacks & right at the end was a crown made out of Jelly Beans! Love it!
I wonder what fun themes everyone has planned for the Olympics? Not long now! Am I the only Londoner who's actually looking forward to it?!
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