Monday, June 25, 2012

codewords & qualifyers.

Yesterday it was mum's turn to celebrate the big 6-0 & what a jam-packed weekend it was!

I'd taken Friday off to travel up to Lufbra with Lisa & Jenna for them to try on their bridesmaid dresses & for me to see mine after a few tweaks. It was great to see their outfits in dress form & not a swatch of fabric & a rough pencil sketch (thankfully they look really great so can't wait to see everyone in them on the day!). I also tried my dress on again which was a bit snug today the least! Yoink! Hopefully that's given me enough motivation to watch what I eat rather than my complete lack of will power!

On Saturday evening ma&pa had a joint 60th birthday party at home which was really good fun! Most of the teachers (& ex-teachers) I'd not seen in years so it was fun to catch up & the birthday boy & gal had fun too. We didn't end up going to bed till about 1:30am, I swear ma&pa are dirtier stoppy outers than Adam & I & put us to shame!
Sunday morning came round bit too quickly for our liking for but we dragged our backsides out of bed to get ready for an exciting day at Alexander Stadium in Birmingham for the Team GB Olympic Qualifiers (more on that later). Before we left though I gave ma&pa their joint present that I've been planning & saving up for years!
I made their present the same way I made Adam's Valentines present by making my own QR code & stitching it (see here for how to do it). It's quite a fun way to do it cos when the present has been opened no one knows exactly what it is till you scan the code & get the message. This time the message was......
....a hot air balloon ride for two! Think mum's face says it all!

Anyway it's back to the grindstone today (boo!) but it was a great weekend spent with my favourite people. Happy Un-Birthday both of you!

Ttfn x

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