Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lisa's Brighton Babes

All Adam & I seem to be doing at the moment is going on stag/hen weekends, can't complain though it's great fun! This time it was Lisa's Hen Party in Brighton. Jenna, Jennifer & I hopped in Tina's well decorated car & we were off. Girls on tour! Well, till we got a bit further down the road & the wind blew the decorations so hard we had to stop & take them off so they didn't fly off & hit someone on the motorway!
We arrived at the Andorra Hotel a few hours later & dragged our suitcases up the wonky steep stairs to a rabbit warren of rooms. I really liked it's little quirks & its uneven floors that made you feel drunker than you were & the gap between the door & the floor was hilarious!
Even though we were only going for 3days my suitcase weighed a ton & was full of clothes I never wore, 5 pairs of shoes & bottles of ale! If only I'd swapped the ale for Lambrini, then it would have been a proper girly suitcase!
We managed to beat the other car so after dumping our cases Jenna & I got about decorating Lisa's room ready for when she arrived. We had banners, balloons & bubbly with Lisa's own personalised label as well as cupcakes & donuts.
Once Lisa arrived we all had a toast to the beautiful bride-to-be & set about getting ready for our first night out on the town.
We all met in Hen HQ (Lisa's room!) & we were all given goodie bags including our very own vest tops, a sash, smellies, nail varnish & various other Hen Party bits & bobs (that I'm sure you can make out in the photo! :P).
After posing for a group shot in the reception we all headed out to attack Spoons for cheap food & drinks, classy!
Back row LtoR - Jennifer, Suzanne, Tina, Donna & Hayley
Front row LtoR - Jenna, Lisa & me
After a few drinks at Spoons, we popped into Lloyds for a bit of a boogie before ending the night at Lola Los which was a bit like a Tiki Bar, they played good music & had really comfy seats (very important seeing what shoes we were all wearing!).We headed home (most of us in the flat shoes we'd brought with us or bare footed!) about 2:30am & crashed into bed.
The next morning, after sitting down for a Half Full English (all the bits were there but the portions were a little small!), we set off to Circus Circus for our Burlesque Class.
We had 2hrs of being shown how to strut, pose & wiggle like a Burlesque dancer & the class ended with us coming up with a choreographed routine in small groups. I'd been a bit nervous about the class but I think it helped not knowing the girls that well cos it meant I could strut my stuff that little bit more without a care in the world! Just call me Dita Von Tease!
After our Linner (lunch/dinner) at Donatello's in the lanes (great food, if you're ever in the area you must go!) we got changed into our 2nd night outfits - Policewomen! We set off for the Adonis Cabaret Show (the least said about that the better! :P). There was 1 guy, all rippling muscles, dancing to Cheryl Cole's "Fight For This Love" & everyone was screaming. All I could think of though was how much fitter Rufus Hound looked with his moustache & little belly in the same outfit doing the same routine! There's no hope for me!
We ended the night in Oceanas which was packed full of Hens & Stags, one of the groups walked round with a bag of pegs that they kept clipping to every one's backs - the MOB was the best though & even managed to get the bouncer twice! We boogied along to some cheesy pop classics (5ive & Backstreet Boys, but no Steps - what?!). My cool rock chick persona came crumbling down once more!
This photo sums up a great end to a fun night out! I sat there eating my chips on the bed while watching Supersize V Superskinny - does anyone else find that program makes them more hungry which ruins the whole point of the show?! No? Just me then!
On our last morning we all met downstairs for our Half-Full English (not everyone could stomach it so it was a good job it was a small portion!). We had a quick nip down to the sea front to get a few nicknacks before heading back home to recover. 
Before we left Jenna gave us all bracelets with a little gem charm which was so sweet. She makes some fab jewellery & has an Etsy site which she's hoping to open again soon once she's managed to juggle life with little Noah & making jewellery out of lots of pretty things he'd love to eat & play with! Take a look at her page here. She'd done an amazing job all weekend planning lots of little surprises & gifts for Lisa & the rest of us.
I was really chuffed at my budgeting power too, I'd planned to spend no more than £50 (including £10 for petrol & £10 for parking) & I managed it! Ooush!
Ttfn x

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