Tuesday, September 27, 2005

the social butterfly

had such a wicked last few days! after i posted on saturday i went out with nat and met 2 of her housemates for next year, garry and leon. they were really cool and we had an ace time in lloyds and 'chos! sunday nat went home, i met up wth paul, ant, tom, hannah and charlotte and then went to meet leon and garry again, played darts which id never done before, had quite a few fluky shots! hehe! i then went out for ONE drink, unfortunately i didnt specify what size drink and we all got a pitcher of monkey reef and drank that! i was about to go home when i was persuaded to go to lloyds (it didnt take much persuasion!) and we had another drink. got home about 12:30am, was supposed to be a short drink! oopsie! rfa and his dad had come up so i sat chatting to them for a bit and then crashed on my bed.

today i met up with slink in nottingham. it was so much fun, hadnt seen her since chrimbo. went to the pitt and pendulum and caught up and then pottered round town for a bit before going to see her new flat. cant believe shes got a flat, it seems so grown up! hehe. niall got back from work and i chatted to him for a bit too. while we were sitting nattering away slink reminded me of this photo below:

it was taken in our first year at one of my first rock nights when i discovered my new party trick involving the crater in my head! im suprised that rfa let me get my hands on his guiness for long enough! maybe thats why hes standing so close to me in the photo?! hehe
anyways better go, bout to have a curry! mmmmm


Slink said...

you forgot to mention MEATLOAF!!! hehehe love that pic! xxx

ktp05 said...

damn! knew there was something! hehe! mmm just think of his lvoely novel way of stirring ur drink! yum yum!


X_Sook_X said...

Oi! Plumpton! It's all very well adding old photos, but what about the birthday ones I so politely requested last week, huh?