Monday, September 05, 2005

forget RolaCola, top of the pops is the official crap pop!

its true. i can see why its moved to sunday night (not sure how long its been on a sunday but it was news to me!) it was really poor. i used to love totp and all the cheesy pop stuff etc but i watched it last night and it was painful! couldnt switch it off cos i thought it must get better at some point but no, it didnt! the only good bit was gorillaz being number one! anyway rant done, i always seem to start my blog with a grumble at the mo, sorry!

saturday i went to windsor and had quite a nice day. shopped for a bit and went on the open top bus. i also got to see 3 mates i hadnt seen since chrimbo-caz, helen and qyan. had a good catch up and a giggle. ive almost seen all my mates now since getting back, only a few more to go! on the way home i got an invite from damith to go out in lufbra again! so of course i said yes, got changed in 10min then was back out again to boogie the night away. i need to be careful cos soon im gonna be seen as a regular in 'Chos! the embarrasment! hehe. the company made it ok though, it was damith, ant, ash, dinesh, joe and 2 of his mates. i was gonna come back to barwell yesterday but decided to stay in lufbra till today. most of the guys went home but damith and ash came over to my house with chips from the chippy last night and we had a quiet night in! got up today and minced around lufbra and hinckley cos it was really nice weather. got my ears peirced again, it was so fast! i walked in, asked about it, said they could do it now, sat down, had a blue dot drawn on my ear then they did it and i was out again in about 10min! it was ace! mum and dad havent seen it yet, i had been threatening it though! ooh im such a rebel! hehe.

thats all for now folks.

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