Sunday, September 11, 2005

hi ho hi ho its off to work i go

im off down to london this afternoon ready to start work on monday with zodiac. im dead excited, cant wait! not too sure what ill be doing exactly but itll be good experience and at least ill get some money! yaya! hehe. next friday im off the france to visit miss fan and some others from the india crew, should be ace! so a good week is looming! maybe even get a chance to shop in london sometime in the week! hmmmm! my wages might not last that long actually!!

yesterday we went on ashby canal for the day. we had some americans coming to visit the uk and we said we'd help them get settled on the narrow boats. it was so relaxing and brought back memories of the backwaters in kerela (a very loose connection but there was one!). the only downside was the grotty weather, it drizzled all day (it was that fine stuff that soaks you through!) but didnt dampen anyones spirits. we did the typical tour guide thing and took them to bosworth battlefield and then into market bosworth for a pub meal. it was really funny when the americans asked us to explain all about cricket! one guy said that he'd been watching it and one of the pitchers (!) didnt seen to be very good, when we asked him what he meant, he replied 'well the guy cant even make the ball reach the bat, it bounced on the floor everytime he threw it!' we then had to explain that that was the whole point, it has to bounce! they also couldnt get the point that they run between the 2 wickets, not round some posts! it took a while and i still dont think they understood! ah well never mind! we didnt even bother to try to explain about sticky wickets, ducks or a googly! hehe.

not been writing much recently cos ive not really done anything exciting. its all been me sitting in barwell or lufbra or going out in lufbra! ah well! next week will get me moving again!


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