Saturday, August 30, 2014

The P's #Poppy Run

"P doesn't do running" well now P, in a moment of madness has signed herself & Mr P up for the Poppy Run in October. Yoink!
I always tell everyone that I don't like running, never have & never will (memories of the St Martins cross country spring to mind - always at the back & always moaning!). But after a good workout at the gym last week I thought it would be good to have something to aim towards & as if by magic the Royal British Legion tweeted about the 5K Poppy Run. It was meant to be. I signed both of us up straight away before I came to my senses & now we're doing it on the 26th October.

The next morning at the gym I tried 5K on the treadmill to see if I could actually move my legs that far &  how long it would take, I didn't plan to run the whole thing & so after jogging for 1min 30 & walking for 1min 30 I managed 5K in 43min. I know running on a treadmill is completely different to running outside so the next challenge was to do that....

This morning I woke up just as Adam was getting ready for his run & half asleep (& obviously delirious) I said I should go with him (eh?!) so I got out of bed, donned the gym kit & set off. Adam's normal route is "just a couple of miles" apparently, turned out it was about 4mile! But I was really chuffed with how well I did. I jogged most of it & walked some of it & doing it outside was a lot better than I expected it to be. The last section was a bit of a killer & my legs had turned into dead weights but after a few pushes (literally) from Adam we got back home in about 45min I think.

So here we go...the next month & a bit will be all about getting ready for my first ever 5K (never thought I'd be doing this!). I aim to jog the whole thing & hope I won't end up walking any of it so watch this space!

We've also set up a Just Giving page for the Royal British Legion so if you have a few spare pennies behind the sofa please sponsor us, it would be muchly appreciated! :) Click HERE to go to the page.

Ttfn x

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AJP said...

Well done. I'll come and pace you in the car