Saturday, August 23, 2014

August Break 2014 - 21 + 23

21. Treasures...

On the 21st it was my 30th birthday - wow where did time go?! I got lots of treasures that made me particular was:

~ my last Hen Party letter that I wasn't allowed to open till my 30th birthday, (I'd kept it safe for almost 2 years & couldn't wait to see what was inside!). I opened it up to find it was from Scary, each page was for something she remembered us doing together along with a few photos & postcards. It was brilliant & brought back memories of so many fun times. I really miss spending time with her so here's to a proper catch up soon Miss!

~ the other gift was an Illustration from Lou's friend Stuart - check out his website HERE. He's one talented chap! He got every little detail right from my non-existent chin to my patterned tights & filly socks!

23. Adornment...

I love wearing my Crown & Glory (website HERE) RockNRoll Bride headpiece. It always makes me feel sunny & happy without fail. Yay!

This is part of Susannah's August Break challenge - see more info HERE

Ttfn x

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