Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here's to 40 more!

Last month ma&pa celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary - wow!
I tell you, if Adam & I are half as happy & lovey dovey as they are in 40years I'll be a happy lady!
 photo 1tropiero_zpsb370593c.jpg
I booked us a table at Tropiero a Brazilian meat buffet restaurant. We had 12 different meats to chose from ranging from ribs, to steak, to sausages & chicken hearts. Waiters brought each meat round on a skewer & depending if your little card was red (I'm stuffed) or green (keep it coming! Guess which mine was on all the time?!) they served it straight onto your plate. I think I managed about 10 of the 12 meats - disappointing I know, will try harder next time I promise!
 photo 2gifts_zps45e00a1a.jpg
After dinner ma&pa swapped gifts & Aunty B gave them the red glass vase that she'd given to my grandparents on their 40th Wedding Anniversary :)
 photo 3cake_zpsb7ae7f3b.jpg
The next day it was all hands on deck as it was time for a traditional Plumpy BBQ. As you can see only a few people turned up(!) 
 photo 4garden_zps6a50b8f2.jpg
Thankfully the weather held out - I'm not sure we'd have all crammed into the house very easily.

Yay for summer, yay for BBQs & yay for parents still in love after all these years!

Here's to another 40 yeah?!
Love you both
Ttfn x


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love you, you softy, thanks for a lovely weekend xx

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