Sunday, January 05, 2014

That's it for another year

*sigh* can't believe Chrimbo's over for another year! I think next year it should last the whole week...I'd be well up for long lie ins, muddy country walks, catch ups with mates & most importantly no work for a full 7days....not sure my boss would be too chuffed though, shot not asking him!
Christmas Day & Boxing day were quiet affairs with mum, dad & Adam, it came at the perfect time after a busy few weeks at work & I made the most of late nights, late mornings & yummy food all while sitting in my onesie! I even did some knitting for a friend as well as trying my best not to fall over on a muddy walk in nearby fields (not in my onesie!)....gotta love country life!
Throughout the rest of the week (in between working - boo!) we caught up with friends & family & rung in the New Year at Nick & Lisa's....Brandon & Isabelle managed to stay up till midnight & the six of us all wished each other a Happy New Year while watching the amazing fireworks in London & trying not to burn our mouths on mulled wine. Yay for fun family times :-)
I think my pug obsession really shone through this year....I got quite a few pug related gifts (you can never have enough!) - including a scarf for the pug we don't even own yet....note the word "yet!"
I also got a rather ace bag from Adam, I'd been eyeing it up at Spitalfields & think it's awesome! Everyone who's seen it does a double take love it!

Anyways I hope y'all were lucky & didn't find any lumps of coal in your stockings?! Now to plan for Chrimbo 2014....I already have my cards thanks to the sales!

Ttfn x


AJP said...

One of the best Christmas's ever

ktpland said...

Aw that made me smile! I had an awesome time too! :-) x