Friday, January 24, 2014

Notes from a Hangry Zombie

What a week! Phew! I'm sitting in the car on my drive just listening to the rain & it's lovely!
Part of me is thinking "go inside & eat something cos you're getting Hangry" the other part is thinking "just enjoy sitting & listening to the rain without any distractions." 

I'm cream crackered....hungry....& a bit brain dead....TGIF!

Have a good un!



AJP said...

We had a lovely Friday. rain in the Hot Tub is great

Liz said...

I love listening to the rain. I have a skylight in my bedroom and it's awesome to listen to the rain when I'm in my warm bed!

Liz xx

Distract Me Now Please

ktpland said...

Sounds perfect hot tubs & warm beds! :) x