Monday, January 13, 2014

Go the whole @TheHOGuk

In December we discovered Heart Of Gaming, a magical place in North Acton! Check out their Facebook page HERE
Adam & Nick decided to spend a joint birthday there after finding out about this Gamers Paradise. It's been growing in popularity thanks to word of mouth & various articles about it, they have a whole range of arcade machines so as you walk in you can warm up with a bit of Street Fighter & then advance to Dance Dance Revolution - a perfect combo! I might build up the confidence to have a go on the Dance machines this time - everyone was so good I was gob-smacked watching them! The other rooms house various consoles including N64 (wahoo!), SNES & X-Box & their plans for this year are really exciting including a bar (hopefully with some ale!). As well as gamers coming to brush up on their skills they also hold regular tournaments & overnight sessions.
It was awesome - we had so much fun! They've cleverly worked it so you pay no more than £10 entrance (depending when you go, sometimes it's cheaper) & all the machines are free. It meant the lads got to play away for hours & newbies like me don't end up pouring money down the drain trying to get past a first level!
 Ash & Nick got a bit too competitive over Donkey Kong, we finally dragged them away kicking & screaming with Ash being the 2nd top score on the machine & Nick in 3rd place....I think they'd have still been there battling it out if it wasn't for the allure of Jack Frost Ale at The Castle pub down the road - a great place to stop off on the way there & back for refreshments & friendly staff!
So if you're ever in North Acton check the place out - it's amazing & run by a great guy! Go on show your support - you know you want to!

Ttfn x

p.s forgive me if any of my terminology is a bit backward - I'm not a pro, I just enjoy playing!

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