Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mumbai at a glance

Seeing as this week's been a bit of an India week I thought I'd finish it off with a few more pictures from my week in Mumbai
~ I stayed at the Regal Enclave in Khar which was fine but I could never pronounce "Khar" right so the taxi drivers couldn't find the place! 
~One night I ordered room service so I could chill out & watch Chuck on the laptop, I made sure I ordered Gulab Jamun for pudding & it was delish! 
~ It wasn't till it was about 2am one morning & I couldn't sleep cos of the guy next door shouting into his phone that I noticed the glittery walls. Love it!
~ On my way into work one morning there was this stunning classic car lined up to go onto the Sea Link. I wouldn't dare drive such a pretty car in India through fear of getting it dented!
~ This was my ever so romantic Valentines dinner for 1! I had what turned out to be a salad on a pizza which was so good but I was a bit nervous it might make me ill - thankfully it didn't.
~ I treated myself to their special Valentines pudding. I'm not sure what it was but it looked pretty & tasted as good as it looked.
~ Another sunny morning on the Sea Link on my way into work.
~ One day it was Anuja's birthday so we all sang along & she suffered the wrath of cake on her face like I did last year (remind me not to go over to the office near my birthday again!).
~ Pretty sun set along Worli Seaface on my way to Donna & Rajat's Pooja.
~ Glittery tower blocks from the Sea Link - this was the only day there wasn't any smog so I was able to get a lovely shot of the city. The Sea Link's a lovely drive when you can actually see Mumbai!
~ My driver taking me home. He spotted me clicking this one as we zoomed along the Sea Link (it's the only road where there's not much traffic so they can drive a bit quicker (well as quick as their old taxis will let them!).

I've got a bit carried away with my blog posts this week so don't worry I'll go back to my normal blogging schedule next week I just had so much to share with you! My first post tomorrow will be all about #ldnlunch, stay tuned for what we all got up to.

Ttfn x


Belle du Brighton said...

I love peoples photos of far away lands!!! My fiance and I went to see the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and now we are contemplating India as our honeymoon destination!
I had an awesome time at the ldnlunch yesterday, but I didnt get to talk to lots of people due to the sheer volumes of us!

ktpland said...

I know it was crazy! Hopefully we'll have better luck next time! you really should think about India for your honeymoon it's amazing! Good luck with your planning! :) x

suzy said...

that shadowy picture is so sweet....

Sweet Monday said...

wow you've been to india? that's amazing! I'd love to go there, such a fascinating country. Lovely photo's :) xx

sweet monday

ktpland said...

Thanks for both of your kind comments! India's such a magical place & I love being able to sahre bits of it on my blog :) x