Friday, March 16, 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge pt1

Here's my latest update on my Marchphotoaday.
* Up - this really is 'up' even though it looks like down on the tube escalator.
* Fruit - seeing as I'm trying to be healthy I got these fruit nibble things from m&s, excuse the half worn off henna on my hands too!
* Your neighbourhood - this was the day of ldnlunch so these lovely ladies are part of my virtual neighbourhood (post here).
* Bedside - nowt more to say apart from the face one mate thought I had a photo of John Peel by my bed!
* A smile - this has been on the back of our office door making us smile daily since it was spotted in the Metro
* 5pm - my messy desk
* Something you wore - it was a little chilly that day!
* Window - through the train window on my way to work with the other window reflected in it.
*Red - my dreaded budget book, but it's working!
* Loud - W.I.T band practise followed by the gig (post here).
* Someone you talked to today - Adam, lots.
* Fork - we had no interesting forks do I went with a Ben&Jerry's ice cream shovel to eat my Chinese with instead!
* A Sign - couldn't resist this beauty!
* Clouds - I'd given up all hope that it was just a dull grey day then the sun came out as I was about to go home &I spotted the odd wispy cloud!
* Car - can't say much more!
* Sunglasses - not much sun this morning but my reactions still kicked in & I look like the wally walking down the road with sunglasses on!

Ttfn x

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