Monday, August 14, 2006

master of the 'ouse......

Had a really nice weekend with mum and dad. They came up on Saturday and left on Sunday. On sat we went to see Les Mis and it was magic! So so so good, id recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. The whole thing was brill. I only cried once, I chewed chewing gum for the rest of the time (it stops me crying! Don’t ask how but it does!) soppy cow! At least I wasn’t as bad as the woman infront of us who was properly sobbing! Embarrassing or what?! Hehe.

It was really nice to seeMa and Pa. I hadn’t realised how much id missed them, not in a sad way but just how id missed having them around. It made them visiting even more special. J

We did a bit of shopping on Sunday and finally got the tv card in my laptop working (after 3 different cards I finally got the right one! Argh!). Parents are useful for somethings eh!! Even if its just a car to drive me to pc world! They left late afternoon and then I spent the rest of the evening calling people to catch up on whats been going on!

One last thing to say - john and dan…..have an ace time travelling (lucky so and sos!) wish I was there with ya (not for the company, just for getting to see more of the world! :-P hehe) travel safe (that’s the mum in me coming out!) and buy my lots of presents and send me lots of postcards! ;-) (women demanding?! Never!!)

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