Saturday, August 26, 2006

its not so bad being trendy.......!

went to see reel big fish (again!) and as per usual it was ace! Never danced so much at a gig in my life, ever! I went with Cath and Sarah (housemates) and i think they were close to dissowning me! i danced solidly for 1and a half hours, it was so much better than a work out at the gym! it was at the Mean Fiddler, just off Tottenham Court Road and was a really good venue, really liked it. Not really got much more to say, but i knew the gig would be good cos-1. it was reel big fish and 2. they started off with 'dateless losers'! my favourite song! Rarrrrr! Im aching so much now, really sore, every step i took afterward hurt but it was worth it! woot woot!

i was pretty impressed with this photo from my mobile! not bad eh?! what a good start to the bank holiday weekend! :-) one last thing, heres the thing youve all been waiting for...........................a picture of my desk!!!!!!!!

adios for now.

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